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Patient Compliments and Complaints

At Burford Road Dental we endeavour to entirely satisfy our patients with the care and service we provide. We therefore encourage patients to comment on their experiences in the Practice whether in the form of a compliment or a complaint.

Procedure for Making a Compliment.

We are keen to continue to improve and develop our practice and are grateful for any feedback patients may be able to offer us.  We are encouraged that some of our patients write testimonial letters if they are pleased with the care and treatment they have received.

We are currently accepting new patients to the practice and we very much appreciate recommendations by satisfied clients to friends, family and colleagues, who may also benefit from our approach to Dentistry.

Procedure for Making a Complaint.

The team at Burford Road Dental views every criticism as an opportunity to make amends for our patients and learn, develop and improve our services.  We will deal with complaints promptly, sensitively and courteously.

The person responsible for the administration of any complaints about the service we provide is Mr Nick Barnes. .

Verbal Complaints

In the event that a verbal complaint is made to a member of staff at Burford Road Dental, the team member will listen to the patients comments and attempt to resolve any problems immediately.  Should the member of staff be unable to fully address the patients concern(s), the complaint will be referred to Nick Barnes with a brief summary of the circumstances.  Nick will then respond to the complaint by way of a telephone call and an acknowledgement in writing normally within two working days.  The acknowledgement time period may only change due to unforeseen events such as holidays and sickness.

Written Complaints

Complaints made in writing should be addressed to: Nick Barnes, Burford Road Dental, 50 Burford Road, Carterton, Oxfordshire.  All complaints will be acknowledged in writing as soon as possible, normally within two working days, enclosing a copy of the Practice Complaints Procedure.  The acknowledgement time period may only change due to unforeseen events such as holidays and sickness.

Resolution of Complaints

The practice will seek to investigate all complaints within ten working days of receipt, and respond with the results of the enquiry and proposals for resolution of the complaint.  This response may be in the form of an arranged meeting at the Practice, a telephone call or letter.

If the Practice is unable to investigate the complaint within ten working days, the practice will notify the patient giving reasons for the delay and a notification of the date when the response will be given.

Comprehensive and confidential records of any complaint received are maintained.

If the Practice is unable to resolve your complaint you may make a further complaint


Complaints about private treatment

Dental Complaints Service 

The Lansdowne Building 

2 Lansdowne Road Reading


CR9 2ER           

Complaints about NHS treatment

Thames Valley Primary Care Group

7-9 Cremyll Road



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