Orthodontics at Burford Road Dental in Carterton Witney

Carterton Dentist providing orthodontics: Invisalign and fixed braces

Burford Road Dental can help begin your journey to a confident smile. Our dedicated team offers comprehensive range of orthodontic solutions, including both fixed appliances and Invisalign, ensuring personalised treatment plans to suit your needs.

We believe that we provide top class orthodontic treatment and are keen to meet with you to support you to consider your options. By choosing Burford Road you will:

  • Have access to the latest treatments (some of which are not available through the NHS)
  • Be treated by a team of highly experienced expert dentists
  • Have your treatment in our excellent facilities and in a comfortable environment
  • Not have your treatment rushed or hurried
  • Experience our excellent customer care and service
  • Avoid waiting lists


Traditionally orthodontic treatment tends to be associated with children and adolescents. In these cases the focus of the treatment is on carrying out work that is essential for healthy growth and tooth development, and in protecting against problems such as tooth decay and gum disease. However, increasing numbers of adults are now turning to orthodontics. In these cases it is normally to solve a problem already in existence, and to improve the overall look and feel of a set of teeth. Many adults who have undertaken orthodontic treatment have been delighted with their perfect new smiles and the restored confidence that this has brought.


A range of conditions can be treated through orthodontic treatment. Perhaps you or your child has too many teeth, gaps between your teeth or uneven spacing. You may also have teeth that are worn down, teeth that protrude or under developed jaws. The range of conditions that may be alleviated by orthodontics is vast: our dental team will be able to give further information.


All treatment plans are completely individual and are based upon your needs and wishes for your treatment. On initial consultation your dentist will speak with you about the particular problems you wish to treat, and the options that are available to you. This will enable you to make an informed decision based upon your personal aims and wishes. A treatment plan will then be drawn up in partnership with you, encompassing all your treatment and after care support.


A number of options are available to you based on your wishes for your treatment, and your specific problem. We offer a number of fixed braces and removable appliances. Fixed appliances are attached to your mouth in such a way as they are continually in place, whereas removable appliances can be taken out at meal times and for cleaning as needed.

In terms of fixed appliances you might consider the conventional braces (these are the metal ‘train track’ type appliances you may be familiar with), for more information on fixed braces click here.

Our removable options include the Aligner systems (Invisalign and Inman Aligner). These are much harder to see with the naked eye and so are a lot more discreet. For more information on Invisalign click here.

We also offer retainers, and a range of cosmetic dentistry options such as composite build-ups and recontouring.

All or our treatment options are unique in terms of their individual characteristics and merits. Our dental team will support you to understand the differences and make your decision.


We only offer private orthodontic treatment. The cost for treatment depends on your individual treatment plan. Your dentist will discuss the options that are available to you at consultation. We offer different payment options, and your dentist will talk you through these.

If you qualify for NHS orthodontic treatment we will also discuss this will you and refer you as appropriate.


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