Pucker up

February 9, 2016

No sooner were the January sales done and dusted than the shops started to fill their shelves with fluffy toys and fake red roses: Valentine’s Day looms once again! Whilst you search for that perfect card, and plan how you’ll surprise your loved one, spare a thought for your teeth. A simple smile on Valentine’s can be just as effective as that luxury box of chocolates.

Last year Dr Nigel Carter OBE, the Chief Executive of the British Dental Health Foundation, spoke about how we, as a nation, prepare for February 14th. He spoke about our tendency to focus on factors such as what we will wear, and which perfume or after shave we’ll select. However a flash of your smile can have a really positive effect on your relationship both by showing confidence and by making you endearing to others. Therefore isn’t it time we prioritised our teeth over that new eye shadow?

The state of our teeth and our smiles tell others a lot about us. If your teeth are sparkling then it indicates that you take care of your overall hygiene and lifestyle in general. You could even tell whether someone smokes, drinks, and what they eat from their teeth and smile. When meeting potential new love matches, our smiles can give the other person a lot of clues as to whether we might get on.

The British Dental Health Foundation carried out a study to understand the biggest oral health no-no’s from the perspective of the British public. A staggering 40% of the survey rated ‘food being stuck between teeth’ as the ultimate faux pas, so this is clearly something to be mindful of! In addition bad breath, stained teeth and not brushing twice a day were other big turn-offs.

So we thought we’d bring you some top tips in order to keep that new potential partner interested. Follow these to maintain good oral health and a perfect smile:

1. Always brush your teeth twice a day

2. At least once a day, use an interdental brush or floss to clean between your teeth

3. Three months is the maximum life span of a tooth brush: make sure you change yours regularly

4. Keep up with your dental check ups: they will advise you how regularly you need to attend

5. Avoid sugary foods and drinks where possible

6. If you notice any changes in your mouth, visit your dentist for advice

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