The cost of maintaining a perfect smile

February 18, 2015

In January the spotlight was cast on dental charges: Consumer champion Which? released results of a survey carried out on 1,000 people in England who had all visited their dentist in the last six months.  Coverage of the survey results was featured on the BBC News website, television and on national radio stations.  We felt it may be helpful to give details on our cost policy at Burford Road, and demonstrate where we fit within the survey results.

The Which? survey focussed on NHS charges.  These charges were enforced in 1951 to help cover the cost of providing treatment.  The survey focussed on the legislation in place around this, for example the clarity of display and the ease of patients accessing the cheapest but most effective treatment options for them.

We offer a range of NHS treatments, and our charges are in line with the NHS set charges, which are set out in three ‘bands’:

Band one: £18.80  This band covers routine check-ups and examinations, diagnosis, x-rays, scale and polish, preventive work and emergency appointments for extreme pain, swelling or excessive bleeding.

Band two: £51.30  This is the cost you can expect for fillings, root canal treatment , reclining dentures, extractions, and any treatment that you need that comes under band one (if you have an examination and a filling, you will only pay the band two charge).

Band three: £222.50  This band is for more complicated work including crowns, veneers, dentures and bridges.

These bands mean that in England, you should never pay more than £222.50 for a course of NHS dental treatment.

We also offer a range of private options.  With private dental care, there are no nationally set charges, and the NHS bands stated above do not apply.  At Burford Road we pride ourselves on providing high quality dentistry at affordable prices, and offer a number of different payment options.  At your initial consultation with an experienced private dentist we will provide you with a range of options, clearly detailed in writing to take away and consider.  We will clearly state the estimated fees for your treatment, and will take the time to explain benefits and minor risks of the treatment.  We will also keep you up to date if your options change during your treatment, for example if any new information comes to light.  This way, you’ll always know what to expect when presented with your bill.

As well as keeping you well informed as to what you should expect to pay, we offer a number of payment options.  Many of our patients choose our ‘pay as you go’ option, and meet the costs of their treatment as these occur.  You may also consider payment through a private insurance scheme such as Denplan.  Visit their website for more information.  Lastly, we may be able to offer you a 0% interest payment plan (subject to status) for more complex treatments.  For your ease payment is accepted by cash, credit and debit cards, and by cheque.  We are also in a position to accept bank transfers.

Life is full of unexpected costs and charges, but paying for your dental care needn’t be one of them, and the experiences noted by the Which? survey participants needn’t be yours.  Contact us today for more information about payment options and to book in for a consultation.

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