Christmas Gift Ideas

December 15, 2015

With the number of shopping days left until Christmas well and truly dwindling, it’s time to make sure you’ve bought all the gifts you need to. We thought we’d give you a hand this year, and are pleased to bring you our gift guide, full of interesting and innovative ideas that will help bring a smile to the face of that special someone.

1. Electric toothbrushes

Whilst this may not sound like the world’s most exciting Christmas present, don’t underestimate how much an electric toothbrush could be appreciated. Having received one myself last Christmas, I experienced first-hand the difference this made to my teeth cleaning. Electric toothbrushes are designed to reach all those ‘hard to get at’ areas, and to give a really deep clean. They are available in all sorts of designs and colours, and there are lots available for children too.

2. Tooth fairy cushions

When buying for the children in your life, why not consider tooth fairy cushions or pouches? These make great gifts for children who are just about to start losing their milk teeth. When they lose a tooth, they place the tooth in the pouch, and leave the cushion by their bed overnight, ready for the tooth fairy to come and swap it for a coin whilst they are sleeping. There are a wide range of cushions and boxes available via the internet and in stores.

3. Two-minute timers

This is the perfect gift for that friend or relative who is always in a hurry. Why not get them a timer so that they can make sure they fit in their full two minutes of teeth brushing each time they set about the task. There are lots of designs available, and many can be used multi-purposely, so this gift doesn’t have to be stuck in the bathroom. There are also lots of child friendly designs to choose from that make teeth brushing time more fun and enjoyable.

4. Sugar free / low sugar snacks

For those friends who have a sweet tooth, why not help them cut their risk of tooth decay? There are lots of sweet snacks out there now that have a lower sugar content, whilst still having the flavour. So as well as introducing your ‘giftee’ to some new tasty snacks, you might be helping them to maintain their perfect smile for longer.

5. ‘First tooth’ memory box

Why not gift a memory box for a friend or relative who is a new mum? Keeping their child’s first tooth is something many people do as they watch their children begin to grow up and develop. There are lots of different boxes and designs available via online retailers and gift shops.

Hopefully our gift guide has given you a few ideas about presents you might consider for some of those harder to buy for friends and relatives. There are lots of new and innovative ideas and designs out there, and we’re sure you’ll be able to find inspiration by taking a look and seeing what is available.

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