Ever considered dental implants?

July 8, 2015

If the answer is yes then now is the time to do something about it. From the 20th July, the team at Burford Road will be offering an initial consultation for dental implants for the bargain price of £25. Now really is the time to fix those unsightly gaps in your smile, or to sort those slippery dentures: Get in touch today to book your consultation, Please quote code ‘FB25’ when you book to get this rate.

So what are dental implants? Implants are essentially false teeth, a bit like dentures, crowns or bridges. They are held in place in your jaw by a small titanium rod that is attached to the bone. Implants are the ideal treatment for anyone who has lost a tooth, or a section of teeth.

Dental implants have many benefits:

  • In terms of appearance, implants look very natural: they are very difficult to spot!
  • In comparison to traditional removable dentures, implants are much more secure and stable. You’ll also find them much more comfortable.
  • Implants are very flexible in terms of how they can be used: A single tooth can be replaced, or a larger gap.
  • If you look after your implants right, they will last you a number of years.
  • Likewise, if you take proper care of your implants, you should be able to still eat a broad range of foods. Your dentist will give you advice about this.
  • With a little specialist advice about brush type and flossing technique, your oral hygiene routine will be fairly similar to a standard routine.

The procedure for dental implants is straightforward. You’ll start with an initial consultation with one of our implant team. The team is headed up by expert implant dentist Dr Andrew Hall. Andrew has placed over 4000 implants over the course of his specialism, and so brings a wealth of experience to the team. Andrew uses the latest computer technology ensuring he’ll leave you with a tip-top beautifully restored smile.

Your implant dentist will have a chat to you about your requirements, and assess for the suitability of implants. Once a plan has been agreed upon, you’ll start to visit the surgery for your treatment sessions. You will have titanium rods inserted into your jaw bone (usually under local anaesthetic). Although a surgical procedure, this is far more gentle than it may sound, and most patients are absolutely fine with it. Over a period of 10-12 weeks, the bone grows around the implant, fusing to the rod. After this has taken place, a false tooth can be attached to the base. And then it’s time to look in the mirror and admire your restored smile.

All sounds very straightforward doesn’t it? That’s because it is. Call us today on 01993 842534 to arrange an appointment for your initial consultation in order to benefit from our discounted fee of £25. If you’ve ever thought about implants, or are curious to find out more, now is the time to do so.

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